Cant get Swarm to work on more than two machines

do those other machines work in any other combination? For example if the 2nd one that is working is disconnected will swarm use one of the others instead?

Im no expert , but ive delt with a lot of swarm issues. One thing you can try doing is manually setting a static ip address of every computer. Dont ask me why, but that fixed many of my issues with swarm. But aside from that, maybe the last computers just arent needed because the scene isnt big enough and the first 2 have all the cores they need? just a guess…

thanks man, ill give that a try.

Thanks! my project was just too small. I ended up downloading one of epics larger maps and got all machines working. thanks so much for the suggestion!

Cant get Swarm to work on more than two machines. I can get it to work on all of the machines separately but I cant get more than two working at a time.

Yes I can get them all to work in different combinations just not all at once and together.