Can't get simple replication to behave

I’ve been trying to Replicate stuff for a multiplayer project, but even the simplest things aren’t behaving right.

For instance, When this cube receives a damage event:

It’s not that the color isn’t matched properly. Its that the other clients do nothing at all.

Is my understanding of replication completely wrong?

Hi Loremage,

Just make sure you are setting your ‘TargetDummy’ to replicate in its Class Defaults details, and make sure your vector paramater name is correct within your material. Your code pretty much worked for me. You would know better than me, but i don’t think you will need to replicate that variable.

If you haven’t found this [link text][1] resource before, i recommend reading it through.

That’s an amazing net resource! And you got it; forgot to replicate the actor in the base class facepalm of embarrassment

I am getting a weird race condition where the Clients can sometimes be a color behind the server. Presumably because its being set before the new color can be randomized. Your switch to it just handing the value rather than setting a variable fixes that too.

Thanks a ton though, especially for the network write-up!