Cant get root motion to work for desert dragon asset from UE4 marketplace

So i got the asset desert dragon linked below :

I also go the Boss animation pack linked below :

The boss animation pack root motion works fine. The animation drives the capsule.

However, when using the same method on the desert dragon pack the root motion stays in place and does not move.

Both the assets were used in the same fresh blank project with nothing else inside.

My guess is that the skeleton hierarchy is the cause here? as everything else should be the same. Check attached images.



Any ideas would be welcome. Would love to hear from someone who could get the root motion bite attack animation to work.


Set up your actor as a character and not as a pawn !!!

A new question will be is it possible to set up root motion with a pawn at all ?

Honestly i have seen so many questions online regarding this problem i hope my problem gets archived so someone doing same thing can solve their problem.

Obviously you need to start with checking root motion checkbox at your animation asset and also select root motion from everything in your animation blueprint.