Can't get rid of shooter game menu

not sure if this is the right subforum for this, but I thought programmers know the most about the gamestructure and cooking and packaging. So I created a project on the shooter game base project and now I am almost done, but there one thing that I cant get rid of: the main menu. No matter what map I cook or not include in the cooking. As soon as the game starts, the menu is showing on top of the game. I attached a screenshot so you guys can make yourself a better picture of the menu I am talking about.

Does anyone know how to stop that from showing up? I dont need it at all. The rest is working fine. I can even player the game…

Here is a screenshot: Screenshot - d7860dab7adf9292b5f6604f6a09acc4 - Gyazo

I changed the menu to look like unreal tournament, i really hate this kind of menu, it look like game from 10 years ago. :slight_smile:

If you changed a lot of stuffs in the code you probably touched where the hidemenu is called.

Make sure you call SShooterMenuWidget->HideMenu before loading a map. Since I changed so many stuffs I don’t have the orignal code to compare…

You can add this when you start the game, it will hide the menu for sure

I haven’t changed much in the code and I also don’t know where to put that command to get it working. I added something similar to my blueprints. So I can get rid of it, but it shows up in the beginning anyway. I mean that is kinda okayish, but it feels super hacky… Where is it even get called from… I was hoping for some .ini settings…

You’ve changed Project Settings -> Maps & Modes -> Startup Map right?

If you dont need that, search through the shootergame code for the MainMenu related calls and includes especially look for the class containing the reference of the mainmenu and delete/outcomment/whatsoever it.

Maybe if your game start with a custom map and you dont want to see this menu at startup, make sure in the map settings that the game mode is not ShooterGameMode_Menu. Put nothing in the drop down listl.

But you will need to call the main menu manually when you need it

Yeah, that’s not the issue. But these settings are a joke anyway since there are way more settings that you have take care of in the .ini files. Wonder why they only expose half of it if you have to edit the .ini file anyway.

Compiling right now. It’s crazy that something like this main menu is hardcoded. Thought I could remove it in editor. Well, its not even UMG based anyway.

Removed every ShootergameMode_menu reference I could find. If its not hidding somewhere, I have to remove the menu in code.

Update: I was able to remove it in code. Thx guys!

Hey there,

of course it isnt UMG based, since UMG was introduced after the shootergame example was made.
Anyways the shootergame example was probably one of the few ways to learn how you can build UI within UE4 back then.


I’m having the same problem, where did you kill it in the code? I’ve been trying all night to do this.

Me too. I want to get of template own main menu. And secon problem is that in editor playing standalone game i can select my own map in main menu, but when packaged it doesn’t work


Have I can remove menu system in my project?

Can you tell me exactly how it is done?

thank you very much.

shooter main menu


Have I can remove menu system in my project?

Can you tell me exactly how it is done?

thank you very much.