Can't get Retarget to use customized Retarget Base Pose

Following this procedure on Retarget Manager:

This is my bind pose:

This is my adjusted Retarget Base Pose (see the Hide Pose button in Retarget Manager?)

This is how my Retarget dialog looks:

This is how the “Pistol_Idle_Relaxed_Anim” retargets to my adjusted Retarget Base Pose:

This is how it plays against the UE Mannequin:

This is what I want it to retarget to (rotated the bones manually, can’t get this animation to save in this state even though it runs all day):

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

I do this (set my advanced bone options like so, do some blatant skeleton adjustment, save ref pose):

I retarget this (I see it in the preview on the right)

I get this (wrong, but *incorrectly *wrong)

No suggestions? Can I at least get “lol you’re an idiot” or something?

lol ur an idit
get gud

(Flesh works with me. I’m just giving him proper feedback as requested.)