Can't get PreReplication working in ActorComponent

Working on a component, I’ve stumbled upon the following: usually for handling variables I use GetLifetimeReplicatedProps(); however, I want to employ conditional replication. According to the documentation, the function that fits this criterion is PreReplication.

However, if I place it inside the constructor file, the compiler returns as that the Function is not a member of said component. If I try to declare the override (which I already understand that is not needed), it says that it has nothing to override (as expected). As a clarifier, I do have Net/UnrealNetwork.h within my constructor #include section. Furthermore, if I use GetLifetimeReplicatedProps, the file compiles just fine.

How should I declare it instead?

I’m following this function from the documentation:

void UActorComponent::PreReplication( IRepChangedPropertyTracker & ChangedPropertyTracker )
    DOREPLIFETIME_ACTIVE_OVERRIDE( AActor, ReplicatedMovement, bReplicateMovement );

In my case, it looks like this:

void UCMStressComp::PreReplication( IRepChangedPropertyTracker & ChangedPropertyTracker )
	DOREPLIFETIME_ACTIVE_OVERRIDE(UCMStressComp, IsActivated, bReplicatesStatus);

//This returns in the error: PreReplication is not a member function of UCMStressComp even though UCMStressComp is an ActorComponent.