Can't get physics to work on skeletal mesh

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to make a plane asset and tried to swap out the static mesh of the plane for the skeletal mesh of a better high poly plane but when I do that it tells me collision enabled isn’t compatible with physics enabled, I fixed that by changing collision type to query and physics but then it gives me a new error: BP_AircraftPawn1.SkeletalMesh SK_West_Fighter_F15E has to have ‘Simulate Physics’ enabled if you’d like to AddForce.

I don’t know why this happens cause physics enabled is set to true.
thanks for the help

If you look into Third Person Example you will see how the Player is structured- it’s a part of Collision Shape, not a parent

And having Physics enabled has its own rules like f.ex. You cannot use Complex Collisions

On the other hand the 2nd “error” which is a warning in fact tells that you cannot “add physics force” because this Actor is not affected by physics therefore will not get launched away with the force

You should check how the Player is made first, or just create a template, migrate the Player to your game and replace the Skeletal Mesh with your own

Thanks a lot! I’ll try that.

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