Can't get particles to fade out?

I’m trying to make my particles fade out, and I’ve followed tutorials for the correct values but nothing seems to make them fade out. I’ve tried connecting Particle Color’s alpha to opacity, base color, etc, and tried lots of values on the alpha over life value in the particle system, but they still won’t fade!

Hi @mongoose665
This tricked me too a lot.
Basically you add a color over time,
and inside it sccroll down in the detail to the alpha over time.
This can be set to “distribution on a curve” and you will get access to 2 points in time … BUT
value "in val " is about the life of the particle, and not exactly time!
So the you set the point 0 , with in val 0 , out val 1
and setttingggggg point 1 , with in val 1 , out val 0
You are talking about the “Lifetime of the particles”
so if like me is set to 20 seconds, you have to wait 20 seconds
to see any difference…
try setting the lifetime to something like 5 sec for some tests

If you use a custom material, that material must modulate the output color/opacity with the value of the Particle Color node.

Hi there, I did these values and set life to 20 seconds but they all just disappeared still. Is a way to make them fade but after like 0.2 seconds ?

Be sure to correctly use the material of the particles.
i Think you have to use the node jwatte advice, the particle color node, and feed the aplha in the aplha of the materia.

Once done this you juust set the lifetime to 0.2
and check the alpha over time is set correctly to 0 and 1