Cant get my car to work

As the title explains itself, i must say that ive tried With noumerous models and i couldnt get any of them work as a car you can drive. Here is my mesh

Can someone may help in therms of getting it to work

You need to set the pivot of the body to 0 on Z axis in your modeling program.


The vehicle needs rigging to a skeleton, I’ve rigged it to a simple basic skeleton that will get you driving, you’ll need to impliment you’re own physics and stuff later, for now I’d suggest loading the simple vehicle template and replacing the sedan pawn with this while following the instructions in the wheeled vehicle documentation

Rigged Vehicle Mesh -

Documentation -

The wheels were linked to the body already, no skeleton is necessary really.

Personally I’ve had the issues of animations not working and vehicles not driving when I’ve not used a skeleton, so for me a skeleton is necessary, It’s just become a practice for me these days, also depending on his 3D application he’d need to set up the hierarchy in a way UE would understand to create the skeleton correctly on import since wheeled vehicles are skeletal meshes and require a skeleton.

Had it Down to the ground before, but i read that the pivot is where Your center of mass is

My 3d program is 3dsmax

Got my car to move. Yay!!! Next step is to set up the anim bp. Any help in getting the steering Wheel to actually stear

Yo! I took it for a spin and it worked great. Downside is, when I was driving back with a good news I scratched it a bit.

But yeah, it works…

How did you do that, i would like too know

>funny story
>you said it doesnt work right?
>I jump in the car and check out whats up.
>it’s not a skeletal mesh
>I go like ‘lel, I can no move dat’
>after importing it as skel mesh I take it for a test drive
>everything is smooth as babys bottom
>on my way back I stop at red light
>guy in red lambo stops next to me
>rollin down the window
>hes like ‘yo bro, you cannot take me, respect me bro’
>im like ‘i respect u bro but whateva man, its not my car, it’s not my car, it’s just a test drive and im taking it back’
>he: ‘yo, thats what yo momma said last night to me’
>me: ‘wat?’
>he: ‘nvm’
>out of frikn nowhere truck hits me on the right side

So as you can see , actually it wasnt my fault. anyway, its not as bad as it looks.

BTW, NO WORRIES, IM OK… just few bruises

Cheers brah

Cool story bro, but i mean actually getting the collision effects