Cant get my blueprint to work / simple elevator/

Blueprint picture:

I wanted to make an elevator by combining things i saw in different tutorials. The matine is fine, atleast it plays nicely in the editor. The three smaller cubes are attached to the “elevator floor” . I want that when the player is inside the trigger volume (he is on the elevator), and presses E, it starts the matinee and he goes up. Upstairs there is another trigger volume waiting for him, and if he is in it, press e, reverse matine. Nothing happens. Meshes are movable. If i just connect the beginoverlap node to the play node it works. Once it worked, i deleted the input E node, readded the same one, in same options, it worked once, and never again.

This is in Russian, but you can see the blueprint graph.
I think it’s somehow similar to timeline, if you didn’t specify matine to play from start, it might likely at the end of track so when you try to play again it’s already finished.
I checked there is a SetPosition function to set track position to start(0,0), or in MatineActor(in editor detail), you can set “Rewind on Play” to true.

Just remove _RU from link and it will be in english :slight_smile:

That tutorial only shows the version I can do too. I want it to be activeted with a key pressed :S matine is working prefectly, only when i set it to be acivated with key press it does nothing

U need do something like in this post Turn off the lights in the room by clicking on the switch - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums . When i will be home im print screen scheme for button

And at blueprint with lift add branch with trigger on begin overlap