Can't get my barbed wire working, help please

So my barbed wire is for a game so obviously has to be low poly, can’t make each individual barb lol. I’ve made a few discs and put them together to give the barbed wire and old and rusted effect, however I’m having trouble putting the alpha on. When i change it to a translucent (which is the only way i can make opacity appear) it makes the whole thing seehtorugh. But i just want to get rid of the black background.

Just add a multiply which you connect with opactiy mask - then connect the alpha channel from your texture with the a from the multiply - now add a constant with a value from 1 and connect it with b from the mulitply - now just set the blend mode to masked

You LEGEND! thank you! You’re the best on youtube and the forums when it comes to UE4 :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: