Can't get mod to cook....

So I edited the direwolf and stuff. Got the primalgamedata in the mod folder, got the testgamemode, got the map. I can’t seem to get the mod to cook properly, it only has the modmeta file. Is there a step I am missing for the mod to cook properly?

The tutorial I followed was pretty old, it only had one cook button, now theres 3. Do I cook mod, cook map, cook TC?

Here is a screenshot of the files I had in the mod folder

Try just cooking the mod.

did u run it on the devkit like hit play on top and if u did and it didnt work did u set the game settings to point to the primalgamedata file in ur mod folder?

everything is working in the dev kit. I can play it, but when I get to the cook part, it cooks but uploads nothing to the workshop except modmeta

Having the same issues with the cook mod part :confused:
Like many people here; my mod works in the dev kit but when I try to cook it it just cook metadata no the mod itself, what is annoying is the “Job Successful” message, nowhere near successful the popup window should say what it wasn’t saved and why.

I was able to figure it out what I was doing wrong, maybe I can help you:

So let me try to explain, the first thing you need to make sure is that level file (the orange one) is pointing to your primal game data and to your game mode files.

What you can do to check if the files are being pointed out is:
Double click your level file (Giantwolf) and then go to the world settings, look for primal game data override and make sure is pointing at your primal game data file, then look for game mode override and also make sure is pointing to your test game mode file.

Then when you get to the cooking part make sure that you type the name of your level file (Giantwolf, the name of your orange file) in the Map field if it is not there, and then use “Cook Game Mod” and upload your mod to steam once the cooking is done.