Can't get Mixamo rig into Blender right.

I tried many options, export/import, even different blender versions, but no perfect result, so I wonder if anyone got the workflow right.

-export/import unreal fbx format: this is the best option, as at least animations are working fine, except the bone orientation is wrong visually which makes it hard to work with the rig
-collada: imported character is fine, however importing animations don’t work well with the character’s hand
-Other fbx formats: skeleton is fine, however imported animations have errors on the mesh, not big, but still unacceptable.

I tried 2.76 and 2.78 blender

help is appreciated!

I’m still looking for help… the mixamo database is qute big and the animations are nice, However I couldn’t find a workflow to be able to build upon it.

I realized that from mixamo:
normal fbx–> Blender has wong bone weight for some reason, while unreal fbx–>blender has good weights, but wrong bone orientations.

in unreal however they both work fine. Exporting from unreal could solve my problem, however I can’t get the exported skeleton work with the exported animation properly…

try using Mixamo 1.3 I was having issues with the newest version .Then report back if U still face problem . Download this version from steam or any other reliable source

I found that some animations result in different root height adjustments, i’ve fixed this with adding a small blend to the AnimBP Graph just for the feets, just with a little blending amount. Fixed the height issue. Hand no issus with hands so far, and other than that most animations work okay, or good. Notice also, when you export use the Export from Mixamo, use Unreal FBX option, form the download drop down menu.