Can't get Mixamo Character to work with FullBodyIK node


I would like to get the IK to work on my mixamo character’s feet and I’m a little clueless what else I am missing.

I tried to add an IK Rig to my Mixamo Character aswell as copy the function from the Manny ABP over to my MutantABP (the one with the ShouldDoIKTrace parameter)

Also tried to set all the dropdown options to the respective bones allthough the structure seems a little different than the one provided in the template.

My question is, how can I make my character use IK with the feet if I would build it from scratch?

I’d like to do it without the help of retargeting just to get the impression of how and why this works. Is this possible? Or do I really need to use the retarget approach?

Thank you in advance

Right I managed to find the issue why the bones didn’t move.

I hade to make the capsule of the character smaller so the feet would have a chance to get an offset and eventually touch a higher ground.

Now the problem is that the feet only get an offset when they are above a certain height.
If lower than that the feet glitch in to the stairway like shown in the images provided.

Seems like the IK functionality is somehow inversed so I am asking myself where and which parameters are responsible for this behaviour?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

I also notice that the leg overextends the floor… why is this happening?