Can't get looping Camera Shake to stop smoothly

So, here is the code:

void AMskPlayer::StartHeadBob(TSubclassOf<UCameraShakeBase> CamShake)
    auto *Cam = GetCameraManager();

    if (!CamShake || !Cam)


    CurrentHeadBob = Cam->StartCameraShake(MatineeCamShake, 1.f, ECameraShakePlaySpace::CameraLocal);

    bHeadBobActive = true;

void AMskPlayer::StopHeadBob()
    if (!bHeadBobActive)

    bHeadBobActive = false;

    GetCameraManager()->StopCameraShake(CurrentHeadBob, false); // <- Doesn't stop the shake
    // GetCameraManager()->StopCameraShake(CurrentHeadBob, true); // <- Stops the shakes non smoothly

As long as the flag bImmediately is true, it does work, but it’s not smooth.

This is the nature of my shakes.

I have tried may things but nothing seems to work. Help!

Same problem here! Using blueprints, in my case, and UE5.

I have tried ALL shake nodes, but shakes won’t stop unless the Inmediately checkbox is checked (so, it doesn’t allow a smooth stop).

My intention is to change from a shake to another, depending on the state of the player, but seems to be imposibe to do it smoothly.