Can't get inside imported house mesh


I’m beginner.

I made a big house as one mesh in blender and imported it into unreal.

It’s just an…uneditable big mesh. I can’t get in.

Is there any way I can enter into empty places of imported mesh , or do I have to make every wall and door, room seperately, and combine it in unreal?

Did you make collisions?

For one big mesh which you can enter you run in to the problem of collisions. There are 2 options:

  1. create a collision mesh in Blender (search a bit how this works, you need to use a special name for the mesh)
  2. create separate meshes (walls, doors, etc). In the properties of the mesh in UE you can generate a collision.

Option 2 is the better option btw, since smaller meshes can be culled away if not on screen. A big mesh needs always to be rendered even if only 1 pixel is on the screen.

That’s how you create a collision: :slight_smile:

Double click mesh, scroll down to ‘Collision’, then change collision complexity from project default to either simple or complex. Then hit save and you should be good to go.

dont do that ever. Its the most expensive method to create collision and requires the engine to render the mesh a second time