Can't get hit events working - Can floating Pawn Movement component update with sweep enabled ?

The title says it all :slight_smile:

I tried every setting i can think of, tried print screen on all relevant events, i just can’t get objects to hit ! ( without physics )

Only overlaps work, and just with simple box, sphere etc shapes…

but beginoverlap also gives a hit result… If sweep is enabled that is. But my pawn uses float pawn movement component… And apparently it doesn’t use sweep with input.

How can i get it to work with sweep? add movement input node says something about implementing your own movement response in a base pawn class … ?

There is the ‘move updated component’ node which has a sweep setting, but how to use it with the input node which gets consumed automatically ?

And what could I be missing concerning collision settings in the first place ?

Really pulling my hair out on this one. Working on a march '16 gamejam entry and i’ve lost hours getting hits to - not ! - work …

Any idea’s ?

Oh ! The ‘add movement input’ node deals with the pawn, not with the ‘floating Pawn Movement Component’, so maybe i have to use the move updated component node instead of add movement input, then i can use sweep.

I’m just a blink further with this, will investigate, Other ideas very welcome !

Yes !

I tries one last thing, and that worked… I made a capsule the root of the pawn, since that is used as sweep by default … Inspired by the previous insight and looking at defaultpawn !

Still, this doesn’t work with a ‘complex collision as simple’ mesh … Anywone knows if you can have two meshes generate per poly hit results ?

The capsule is good enough for now, but it would be nice if you can have both !