Can't get food to go down with tranq

I am making a hunger Tranq mod for my little server group i play on and i can not get the food of the dino to go down at all. my tranq does about 500 topour. not like the 2 million of another mod.
nothing i set affects the food. i have food set as the second effect of the tranq and played around with the numbers. but can’t seem to get them to work.

Post screenshots of what you have right now? Make sure that the food value is negative. Can help you more if I know what you have entered in.

Are you using a negative number?

KingKadin / Mystic Academy did a really good tutorial on how to do this. Here’s the youtube video…

Thanks the Youtube link didn’t work but I was able to look them up. that helped alot. and was able to finish what i started. he showed an easy way to do the food drain. thanks again.

Ok. i got it all done except for one part. when you put rifle ammo back into the longneck the tranq turns into another bullet. i cannot see where i missed something. any ideas?