Can't get flashlight/lantern to appear?

I’m trying to follow some very basic tutorials of how to make a flashlight for the player. I’d prefer this to be a point light though, so I’m using a point light instead.

I’ve done exactly what the videos have told me to do… create the light component and attach it to the first person camera. When I look at the player in the editor, the light source is clearly visible and bright. But when I start the game, the light source is no where to be found???

The light is set to moveable and visible. But it doesn’t appear when playing the game…

I just tried this and it worked fine. And you’ve been somewhere dark with this character?..

Are you setting a brightness variable somewhere that is 0 on default on begin play?
if you show your logic we can help you otherwise this is an impossible task since we can’t see what you are doing