Can't get event firing (From level to hud with a key press) working at all!


Basically a dead simple blueprint script when i press a key (F) I want it to toggle a boolean inside the HUD to make the logo vanish (or ideally fade). here is the setup:

Here is the hud;
also was trying to do it entirely inside the HUD but that failed epically, hitting F to turn it off, didn’t work.)

above is in the level blueprint.

I’m confused as anything! All i want is when i hit a key it delays it by two seconds and the logo vanishes!

if possible i’d love the logo to fade over X seconds to! Pretty sure i can do this with some lerp function!


When F is pressed you are setting the Show Bool to “Yes” after a delay. To me that would mean if I hit “F” and it waits X time and then sets the Bool to yes.

Could you put a delay after Draw Texture, then remove from screen?


That is how its currently set up :smiley: except when i press F …nothing happens, it doesn’t pick it up, iv’e tried every which way combination. its just on a two second delay when the demo starts then the logo vnaishes for now!

Have you put a Print String after the F to see if it is even being called?

IF not, go to project setting / Input. Make a new input with F and call it some like “Test”

Go back to you player character and replace F with “Test”


Nope its not being called, added the string in MyHud and it doesn’t show up. Literally fed the test into a string, nothing :c

Where do you have the “F”, in your hud or in your player?


in the hud as it needs to draw the hud element texture?

Sorry for delay, out dealing with a car crash.

I doubt you can do it there.

I would put it in your player BP, and in your hud, reference you player controller and go from there.

So Bool = Yes in player BP

In Graph - Get player BP, get bool.


PLayer BP (Example - Trace Location)




I hope this points you i the right direction.


Is your game started off one of their demos like the top down demo?

For some stupid reason(they need to fix this) their top down demo and others that use mouse control have their player controller set to ignore all keyboard input. It took me a good 4 hours to figure it out searching online.

Under the defaults for the player controller there should be an option to fix this. I cant remember the exact name but its something like “Block Keyboard Input” and its checked. Uncheck it and try and i bet your F key will trigger properly.

Try enabling input for your HUD Blueprint at begin play.