Can't get Epic Launcher to run Surface Book

With my Surface Book configured with a discrete GPU and 512GB SSD drive, I have been unable to get the epic games launcher from actually showing anything. So far it always loads up with a black screen, for both the splash screen as well as the sign on page. I have updated my GPU drivers to the latest from Nvidia, as well as ensuring that the app is run using the dedicated GPU. Any assistance would be appreciated as I would very much like to run Unreal Editor on my Surface Book and work while remote. Below is my debug log from my last attempting run.

Debug Log

DXDiag Files

Anyone able to help me with this question?


Thank you for reaching out to the Epic support team. We have recently restructured our support system to better assist our users across Epic’s growing catalog of products.

Epic Games launcher support will now be handled by our Player Support team through an email ticketing system and active knowledge base. This support will encompass the download and installation of the launcher and the various Epic Games products hosted on the launcher (UE, UT, Shadow Complex, Fortnite, and Paragon). The launcher support team will also handle connection issues related to these products. The launcher support site can be accessed here (

Traditionally, Unreal Engine support has been handled through AnswerHub, and this particular process will not change. Users of the Unreal Engine may continue to post questions and issues as normal and interact with the engine support team. Any questions or issues that arise prior to the successful installation of the Unreal Engine should be directed at the website above and the launcher support team.

Those seeking assistance with the other individual products may do so through the following pages:

Unreal Tournament -

Shadow Complex -

Fortnite - Coming soon

Paragon -

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