Can't get Epic Games Launcher open

Hello, after doing a little looking it seems many people have had same problem as me, but I just can’t seem to find a fix. I’ve been using UE4 for about 5 months now with no problem. Since announcement of it becoming free, every time I try and open launcher I’m met with, Error! No version information received.

After clicking ok, it brings me to log in screen. When I type my log in information and click Sign In I get this, Error! Did not get a response. Are you connected to internet?

I’m sure this is just a quick fix that I am missing, but greatly appreciate anyone’s time so I can get back to work.

Thank you.

Hi Spizuctn,

Check this post and see if running with “-http=wininet” on command line resolves issue for you:

If it does not, please let us know. Hope it helps!

Hi ,

After I posted that issue I actually went into wiki troubleshooting page and saw to add “-http=wininet” on end of command line, without quotes of course. I tried it and still had same problem with those two errors and no luck getting launcher open. I also tried a complete uninstall and reinstalling it, just to have same problem.

Thank you for response.

Hi Spizuctn,

Could you make sure that " -http=wininet" includes space as well? This is a pretty common mistake when trying this fix. Just make sure it looks just like what is pictured below.

If it still doesn’t work just post back to let us know and we will continue troubleshooting.


Hi TJ,

I probably should have stated it earlier, but yes I made sure there was a space. Without space it would not allow me to make change.

Sorry for late reply I’m currently out of state and anything else that is suggested for fixing this problem I won’t be able to try till sunday afternoon. I greatly appreciate continued support and just want to get this problem solved.

I know that you tried solutions in link posted above and you posted your logs in original post but they look to be standard logs files. Could you follow instructions towards bottom of that link and post your Debug logs as well? They can help us better track down issue.

I’m not sure how are why, but my launcher is finally working. Currently downloading 4.7.2 engine and everything seems to be in order. I feel dumb for trying all troubleshooting suggestions you guys have given me, just for it to work now out of nowhere.

I can’t thank you guys enough for your help and suggestions on fixing this problem. If this problem or any other occur again ill be sure to post my debug logs first.