Can't get dino mod to work

I have been trying to get my mod to work which is disabling the giga’s ability to run which i have unchecked it in the blueprint. I copied the giga blueprint to my generic mod folder, i put _GenericMod on the end and i copied the test map, primalgamedata and the 3rd file which i can’t remember the name and attached _GenericMod to all the file names. Then i edited the world settings to use my files in the drop down menus. I cooked it with the game data option and uploaded it. But when i spawn in a giga in singleplayer it still is able to run. I can’t find any tutorials that explain doing a mod of this type so i must be missing a step. It also works in the editor but just not ingame.

Hello Jeremy,

Did you remap the Giga’s dino class entry in the primalgamedata to your new class of gigas? The game will only recognize your ‘added’ giga as an addition and you have to specify in your mod if you want ‘X’ class to replace ‘X’ class. In your case replacing current game dinos with your modified version. I hope this helps and gives you some insight on what steps you need to take to get your giga’s to spawn in correctly.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the response, i figured out for the spawn command to spawn mine instead of the default giga i had to change the command to

cheat spawndino “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/GenericMod/Gigant_Character_BP_GenericMod.Gigant_Character_BP_GenericMod’” 1 1 1 1

I looked in Primalgamedata and i went under Additional Dino Entries and added my modded gigant BP, was this what you meant to do in the primalgamedata BP?

And i found under the Spawners folder there is a blueprint called DinoSpawnEntriesGigant so i copied this to my mod folder and put the _GenericMod at the end and edited it so both the NPCSpawn Entries NPCs to Spawn BP was changed to my GenericMod gigant BP. Will this change make it so ones that spawn in the wild will be my modded ones?

It seems it still doesn’t work outside of the editor, i can’t spawn my giga with the above command.

Just found the remap you mentioned in primalgamedata, recooking and will see if it works.

Mod works!

Adjusted it so the Giga goes ever so slightly slower than the T rex. So now you can outrun the giga while you have stamina like the rex. But once your out of stamina your dead. This is how it should be.