Can't get character to spawn

I’m trying to add a character to my level, but I can’t get it to spawn. I have used the character blueprint successfully in another project.

I currently have it set for selected viewport and default player start

What are you trying to do with an AI controller? Kind of pointless to have a controller and nothing to control…

Sorry… new to UE… I meant I am trying to add a character. I have an ai controller which is assigned to the character. Question updated

To spawn a character into a level, you can use the “Player Start” from the left side details panel and place it where you want the player to start. This will automatically spawn in the default player character you have selected in your game mode (Which i see you have not selected one, you need to do this otherwise nothing will spawn in). Player characters also require a player controller not an AI controller FYI.

Additionally, if you are new this series may be of use to you down the line for other things. Doesn’t deal specifically with a controller but it does go over a lot of the basic stuff you need to know to start making simple games in UE4.

What if it isn’t the players character?

What kind of character is it? An AI? then you would either need to place it in the world or spawn it in with “Spawn Actor From Class”

Also post a screen shot of how you are trying to spawn this thing in, that would help a lot.

Yeah, it’s an AI character. I placed it in the world by dragging and dropping it from the content browser. The screenshot is in the original post… comparing it to a project that is working, I don’t actually see the character, just the area that circles him (not sure what it’s called). Maybe I didn’t import it correctly.

Problem solved… I didn’t know there was a migrate function…

Thanks for the help

You don’t have a mesh setup for the character. Just the capsule collision that is inherited with the “character” class. Go into the blueprint itself look at the viewport tab, select the character skeletal mesh component or the static mesh component and give it a default value.

Haha no problem.