cant get audio for footsteps

Hello Unreal community!,

I am trying to get footstep sound ques to play when I step on my landscape with different sounds playing for the different landscapes that iv painted. (For Example, a dirt noise for when you’re walking on the dirt then grass noise for when walking on grass etc). My project is a first person one, and I had no idea how to get started with that as far as footsteps go so what I did was import the mannequin with its animation, and made sound cues for when the animation takes a step, then I made the mannequin not visible. Then when I play, It just doesn’t work. No footstep sounds! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here are the blueprints I have made for this.

You should read documentation how to debug BP:

Besides in your setup trace start and end location is equal, because your are adding vector(0,0,0) - so trace will not hit landscape;)

Hi turnerallen1,

Here is a video that shows you how to set up sounds using physical materials on your landscape:

I’m marking this ‘resolved’ for tracking purposes. If the information in the linked video does not address your issue, please describe in what areas it falls short and I’ll continue to try and help you resolve the issue of adding different footstep sounds across different types of landscape terrains.