Can't get Ambient Zone Settings to work for my ReverbVolume

I’m very familiar with workings of UDK’s sound system, however in translating same process in UE4 for creating a ReverbVolume and testing with an soundwave/ambientsound inside and outside box, I don’t seem to be able to get Reverb Effect or Ambient Zone Settings (LPF and Volume) to affect sounds at all when I simulate/play level.

Tutorials don’t yet exist for sound afaik so I’m flying blind here! If anyone can help work this out that’d be great. :slight_smile:
Win 8.1 64bit / UE4 4.1.0


Same problem! Am I stupid?!


Take a look at this post and see if it answers your questions:

If not, please feel free to continue conversation there. Thanks!

I love you! Anyway, I miss an Audio Videotutorial :wink: