Can't generate logs

I have a packaged and installed game. I made some changes to the game, and it works fine in editor. Packaged and installed games crash immediately after startup. The problem is, no logs are generated. I dropped in the debug files and got a stack trace but unfortunately, there isn’t enough info to help me locate my issue.

But to the question, there are no log files generated. I’ve noticed in earlier working versions of my game, log files are also not being generated.

I can’t seem to be able to get any logging on packaged games? Any ideas?


It helps to package the game in debug mode to reproduce the issue - the logs are generated; solved my issue.

Still looking for a way to do this when in Shipping build?

Hello ,

From what I understand, logs are disabled in the Shipping configuration for a reason, as it is meant to be what you package for when you intend to release the game to the public. As you would see in most released products nowadays, the logging present is custom and set up by the developer themselves for game-related debugging purposes.