Cant gather Special X seed

So i have remapped all the seeds in game so they grow quicker in crops. I seem to be able to gather all seeds as normal just fine from plants. Except Special X seeds. They don’t seem to drop now. All i did was child the seeds and then change fertilizer required to grow. Then Remapped them in my custom primal game data. Any idea why This seed is not dropping?

Are you sure they are not dropping? They’re supposed to be really rare and only drop from the red plants in the mountains (I think).

Yep 100% Took a bronto up there, an ankylo, and mammoth. Gathered 50k plus berries. All other seeds work fine, just dont get Special X.

I dunno, I tried with a mammoth in my single player, and picking alone. I couldnt find a single seed. Even on 12x rates its impossible to find them for some reason. Maybe latest patch broke them?

Thats what i was about to say actually think they are broke right now. My server is 65x and i just spent 3 hours trying to get 1 :smiley: I ran this without my mod and same problem. So sounds like latest patch broke them

I don’t know about right now (ark is updating yet again), but I do know that when they added the swamps one of the plants in the swamp on the east coast of the island was giving me dozens of X seeds harvesting by hand (it looks like maybe they are planning wild X plants in the swamp?)