Can't find Xcode install for Metal compiler. Please install Xcode and run to accept license or ensure active developer directory is set to current Xcode installation using xcode-select

mac bilgisayarımda bu sorunla karşılaşıyorum


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You might have placed or downloaded Xcode in wrong position so according to me drag and place xcode in application folder to resolve this problem

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I got the same issue when trying to launch both U 5.0.1 and U 4.27.2… watching different youtubers for answers, but none of those working on mine. Anyone know how to fix this???

I had the same issue and found a solution that worked for me. I went into my Xcode application on my MAC and followed this advice; “With recent versions of Xcode, go to Xcode > Preferences… > Locations and pick one of the options for Command Line Tools to set the location.”
Basically the “Command Line Tools” section I only had one selection, so I chose it and then was able to launch the Unreal Engine.

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Thank you very much! This solution works for me too!!

Thanks a lot. Just click on the only section and quit Xcode. UE should be able to launch then :smiley:

I upgrade from macOS Catalina to macOS Ventura 13. Once I downloaded Ventura 13, restarted In recovery mode which there are 3 options: 1) Command + R = reinstall the current macOS the Mac has, 2) Option + Command + R: Install the latest macOS available for the Mac. 3) Option + Shift + Command + R: Install the first macOS version your Mac had. If you get an error then you need to Erase the Disk using Disk Utility. When all set was done, I downloaded Unreal Engine latest version which is 5.1 then installed it with no problem. Opening UE5.1 I got this error. So I installed Xcode 14.2 from Sign In - Apple and I followed the instructions and did not do any changes just clicking the arrows and choosing the corresponding selections. Closed Xcode 14.2 and Opened Epic Games App Launcher clicked on Launch UE5.1 and executed with not problem. Thanks and Hope this will help also.