Can't Find update from 4.8.3 to 4.9

As the title says, I simply can’t find a way to update the engine. I tried redownloading the installer and running that, but it returned an error “the specified account already exists”. There doesn’t seem to be a button anywhere in the epic games launcher either.

Thank you for any assistance in the matter.

Also, while i’m here, whenever I hit play on my tutorial build the engine crashes but says it didn’t generate a minidump and no log can be found in the crash log directory, does anyone have any idea what is happening and/or a way to resolve this issue?

same problem

well yes i did that, but thats a 5GB download, too bad you cant just update from previous one.

I can’t help you with the crash, but to update the Engine:

  • start the Epic Launcher
  • change to the Library section
  • click on Add Versions
  • select 4.9.0

wow I am actually blind, thanks for the help haha, hopefully the update fixes the crash issue

Hi ShadowFang,

The answer from erinacea below is correct, so I’m going to accept it and resolve this post.

For the crash, please create a new post in the Bug Reports section, and include as many details as you can. Thanks!

Hi bizilux,

These are each different builds of the engine, not merely updates, so unfortunately there’s no way to convert a 4.8 build into a 4.9 build. Hotfixes, however, simply update the existing build (4.8.2 to 4.8.3, for example).

I don’t seem to have the ability to add versions. I have a greyed-out plus sign that does nothing when I click on it where I see the “add versions” option in the image. Any advice?