Can't find tutorials specific to my task (cinematics using c++)

Hey there! So i’m relatively new to Unreal but i have familiarized myself with blueprints. But now i want to shift to working with c++ and with API’s and i cant seem to find/google search what i’m trying to do using c++. I tried looking at stuff through this link :
But i still cant find what im looking for. I might have missed something there but i’ve spent hours trying to find it (description down below) and since im unsuccessful in doing so, i thought someone on here might be able to guide me with certain links or even youtube content, anything would be appreciated.

So what im trying to do is cinematics using c++ where i have an external file that contains the locations(x,y,z of camera),camera angle(for x,y,z rotation) and the frame at which i need the camera to be at these values. Basically at the end i want to specific the way i want the camera actor to move based on the values i read from the file.

I’d be grateful for any help! Or if there is an alternative to read the file directly from the blueprint ive created and have the camera move accordingly, without having to write an external c++ script to do it, please let me know., cause I’ve been struggling to find any solutions.