Can't find the "Switch On" node

Hello guys,

I’m new into Unreal Engine and learning from Epic’s video and others :slight_smile:

Anyway right now i’m trying to create a Blueprint to edit settings and save them to a file, i’m following this tutorial :

I am stuck at the 19:10 part of the video : creating the “Switch On” node, i can’t find it in the action list (see my screenshot), even with “Context Sensitive” unticked :frowning:

2014-10-16 20_02_32-TutoLevelCreation - Unreal Editor.png

Any idea why i can’t see it ? I’m currently on version 4.5, updated yesterday.

Thanks a lot !

After searching everywhere i found that i had it on the library on the right side of the blueprint editor, any idea why i can’t see it in the “contextual” menu ?

So i have finished the blueprint, but i can’t manage to make it work the way “it should”.

What i mean is that this blueprint is a “playerController” type, the only way i made it to work was to edit the “MyGame” blueprint and set the PlayerController to this one, but i assume i’m losing things from the original one, am i wrong ? How can i just “add” my blueprint to the project ? Maybe i need to create the BP with another type ? I admit i’m quite lost on this one !

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Issac is a member here, why not post at his thread? He may help you better.

Link to his thread,

i think your trouble is that you try to find it when dragging an exec (white) wire. Try to right click without a wire dragged and you’ll have all the switch listed.(with context sensitive)

Hello Fen,

I’ve also tried right clicking but it didn’t show up.
Only way i found is to search it in the library on the right (which can’t be find on each blueprint screen btw, could be useful).

I wonder if the UI is not bugged sometimes (besides recurring crashes when adding an entry to a node), i also got this problem for 2 others nodes, this time i didn’t have the library, so i tried an editor restart and it magically showed up, with the exact same action (“Cast to” and “Add to viewport” nodes). Each time i tried with a right click or with all previous nodes outputs.

As for my other question regarding the playerController, i assume there can be only one “playerController” type in the game, according to the Game controller (which is unique too), am i right ?
My question is, what type should have my blueprints ? Or maybe it’s just adding “functions” in existing ones (like have new tabs) ?

Hope someone can clear my mind on this ! :slight_smile:

Sorry if it’s easy questions, i’m not followed all the blueprints tutorials yet, i’m trying to self-learn by searching through the UI too.

have you asked Issac?

Not sure the question on Playercontroller, but a child of the default Playercontroller inheritated all features of the parent, with possibility to expand/modified existing functions. The Concept is similar to C++ Class hertitage.

To modified a function, you called & add the function to your graphic & create your node network.

To expand a parent function, you called (call a parent function) by right clicking a function/event & select call a parent function. It will execute the complete function of parent class, then execute what you wanted it to execute. Note that you can call the parent function anyway in the execution chain, not necessery the first (I think, it certainly true in UDK Unreald script)

you need to drag of the wire from a variable node like a string or something you then can switch on that… kinda like the way you cast something to something other

Your screenshot shows that context sensitivity checkbox is not selected on the context menu. That could cause issues with finding some nodes. There should be a couple dozen switch nodes, one for each enum type. Once you get them to show up it is sometimes better to search for the enum type rather than the node type.