Cant find the option "Change Level Streaming Method"

Cant find the option “Change Level Streaming Method” in the level window. What am i doing wrong?


Hi Shoppe,

It looks like you’ve enabled World Composition via the World Settings. When World Composition is enabled you don’t have to use Streaming Levels for Blueprints or via Volumes. If you’ve got the tiled landscape here, you can hit the last icon on the right next to Levels at the top of the window and that will open the World Composition window. You’ll see the tiled landscapes. When you PIE these will populate based on distance from the character’s player camera rather than having to be triggered to stream in manually or via Level Streaming Volumes.


We’ve been using different levels so that team members of different disciplines can work on the level at the same time and we have a level containing audio related actors called [levelname]_Audio. Recently we changed to using world composition and that doesn’t seem to be possible now. Should the audio actors all be placed inside persistent level or have their own level with a giant levelbounds that covers the whole world? I feel like making them put audio actors inside specific levels is going to cause tons of headaches.

Just wondering what you wound up doing, also using WC and wondering for streaming purposes, game dev logic, what did you wind up doing ?