Can't find the Loopins


I just downloaded Unreal Engine 5, and am about to model a scene with a house. But I can’t find the tool to create loops. I guess it is called Loopins, and I have watched some youtube-videos but this button seem to not be available for me.

Does anyone know how I can enable it, or where I can find it?

Can you give an example?

I have just found out you can access Insert Edgeloop and EdgeInsert from the PolyEd tool, would still be useful to have a toolbar option though.

I have the same problem, EdgeInsert is also missing from my toolbar on the left while in modeling mode?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EdgeInsert and LoopInsert are only part of PolyEdit currently. As the tools develop further pulling them out into their own tools might be an option. Also make sure to set your Polygroup mode to per quad when creating primitive shapes this will help with using loop insert on other shapes like cylinders and spheres.

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Yes! Thanks bro, i find it.