Can't find structure variable type

Hello, So i’ve created a structure named “Iteminfo” and another one named “Inventoryslots”
I want to add a new variable of type “Iteminfo” structure inside my “inventoryslots” structure but the variable type doesn’t show when I choose the variable type atfer clicking “New variable”
I have tried with other existing structures and the “iteminfo” structure variable shows correctly in them.
I can’t try to delete and recreate any of the structures because they are already used in a lot of BP.
I also tried to create a new structure and add the “Iteminfo” structure that I needed and replace the old structure by the new one i’ve created by it makes the editor crash.
If anyone knows how to help me, thanks in advance !

here are the screenshots showing the structure where I can’t see the “iteminfo” struct type and where I can see it.