Can't find steam session (own AppID)

Hi !

We have a multiplayer game on Steam (so we have our own AppID), everything works fine for the overlay and the invite/joining part (i can join friends hosted game) but there is a BIG issue, when i search for sessions, it always returns me 0 results (i set the max result at 500000), i tried with my phone’s internet (in case it was ports). But i never find a session.

I’m of course on 2 different PC with 2 different accounts.
I’m still sure it’s because of the ports but i thought steam handled it so everyuser doesn’t have to do their own port rules.

We are using the Advanced Sessions Plugin on 4.14. Maps are open with the option “listen” set.

What else could it be ?
I would appreciate any help, we are really embarassed with that.
Thanks in advance !

Find any answers? I had a game running and it was finding sessions just fine and then it stopped and I have no idea why.

Does it work with the debug AppId?
We have a similar issue. With the debug AppID it will find session, with our own not.