Can't find session (steam subsystem)

I followed this tutorial to make a multiplayer system using steam Unreal Engine 4 - Steam Multiplayer - YouTube

I can create the session and enter in the “listen” level but when I try to find this session from another window of the same game I can’t, It says me that there are 0 session.

To try the game I start two different windows by rightclicking on the project in my folder and than by clicking “Lounch game”, is it fine?

I post here an immage where I create the session and the one where I try to join, sorry for some comment or variable name in Italian.

I’m sure that the scroll box is fine because if I try to create a widget (and I give it name, ping and players) the scroll box will show it fine, so the problemi is that I can’t find the session :frowning: .

I’m going crazy with this, please help me.