Can't find session [Advanced Steam Session]

Than Steam is on, can’t find session. Than it’s off session success found.

Min slots available = 0

Set it higher

don’t worry we have all been there.

I think if it was a foult , it won’t work without steam, but if steam off, it’s working

Ok i wll try, now i have this warning than i am compile

of course because if its off the slots available are = 0

Also there is a bug I have run into with bp sessions that will show a session available even if you never started one. It happens like every other game i make. I dunno why but it has been reported.

happens with or without advanced sessions.

just thought I would add that.

Oh Crud … i forgot how to fix that. I know you have to change something in your ini file but I forget what… let me look at ue4 forums and see if I can find it again.

Look here

Are you using Lan ? or steam

If using lan then you need to check that on your sessions

If your using steam then this question is out of my league sorry :frowning:

Ok, it’s don’t work(

I don’t use steam, but it’s start’s from one pc using one steam accout. One from engine one from client. Can it be error?

I would review.

and make sure you have everything correct.

The way i understand it is that if your using the steam subsystem you have to connect through steam.

you cant connect a lan game with steam and a lan client cannot connect to a steam hosted game without using steam.

Again my skills with steam subsystem are limited but i am pretty sure of this.

For everyone using steam having the same problems: The steam servers are region locked. I don’t know if it is only for AppID 480 but still worth a try.
If you and your friend are not in the same region it will not connect. You can change your region by changing your download region in
SteamClient>>Steam>>Settings>>Downloads>>DownloadRegion. Make sure your friend and you are using the same servers.

Thanks so much, this helped me so much!!!