Can't find Project Files for Unreal Academy Course

I’m trying to follow along with the “Exploring Blueprints” Course on Unreal Academy. The instructors repeatedly reference their course files, but I don’t see anywhere to download them. Am I missing something? I found this on the youtube tutorial for the same project.

Creating an Amazing Product Configurator Using Blueprints | Webinar | Unreal Engine - YouTube – You can also find more information on this video.

Thank you for sharing it! I couldn’t find them either.

Yeah, they moved the course out of Youtube now. It’s all avalaible here in Unreal Academy with the name “Exploring Blueprints”. In this course, there is no mention or link to the file you shared. Thanks “danielnobre” for the sharing but unreal should fix it. That’s a very quick and simple fix that would help many people.