Can't find node

I am trying to find this node in blueprinting. Does any one know the name of this node? I can’t seem to find it in the actions list.

Attach an image or the node name, please.

Perhaps you could simply uncheck the Context Sensitive checkbox in the node list (upper-right corner). On the other hand, needing to do it is an indication that you’re trying to pull off something a bit awkward. :slight_smile:

The node is a color and opacity node. I just don’t know which one.

Are you working with widgets? Could describe what you are trying to change the colour of?

I am trying to change the color of a user widget.

I’ll assume that’s a custom widget you made yourself and you’re trying to change the colour of one of its element. Correct?

Which widget element specifically are you trying to change the colour of? Border? Image? Text?
When you say User Widget, it seems like you embedded a 2d widget in a 3d widget component.

So many unknowns, you’re not making it easy… :slight_smile:


I am trying to change the colour of one of the elements yes. The widget is an image.

You get it by dragging a wire from a widget:

You can right click the struct pin and split it to get access to the components inside.

Thanks for your help.

Hi anyone know where I can find AddPoints node in Unreal Engine 4.25?

Probably this: