Can't find [MyProject]Server.exe

Hi. I’m setting up dedicated servers and following UE4 official documentation. I’ve come to last substep of Step 2, and run build UE4 and my game project separately with Development Editor configuration first, later with Development Server configuration. Both builds were successful. MyGame project is blueprint, but Visual Studio didn’t bothered about it. Engine version is the one I built from source, so there should be no problems. I unloaded Programs folder with 78 small UE4 programs from solution when needed to to build entire solution with Development Editor configuration (cuz these programs theurselves take long time to be build and I thought there is no need to build them). Later, following tutorial I changed configuration to Development Server, and build both of them. As documentation says, I went into Binaries/Win64 directory, saw some UE4-[My Project] files, but no [MyProject].exe file and [MyProject]Server files, which are crucial for the process. What went wrong?

Hopefully the attached document doesn’t steer you wrong.
ServerClientSetup.docx (612.6 KB)

I had it working with 4.27.1. Unfortunately, I was in the process of updating to 4.27.2 and had not finished.