Can't find my stucts in the list while making a new struct in blueprint.

I have a custom struct i’v made not to long ago, now i want to make a new struct that will have it as one of it’s variables.
I can find built in structs in the list but i can’t find my own! is it a bug?


Blueprint structs don’t support cycles. If struct A contains struct B, then struct B cannot contain (directly or indirectly) struct A. Could it be the case?

Nope, just didn’t see an other struct in the list, so i rebuild the struct in cpp and then make the strut that will hold it also in cpp and it worked good.

Could it be a case of the camel?
When I create an asset called “CamelToe” the dropdown list would present it as “Camel Toe” and just hitting “cameltoe” in the search bar wouldnt find it.
If you search, you have to use blanks…

Nope, searched even for the first word, are you able to find your own structs that you made with blueprint and add them to other blueprint structs? I was able to add struct to bp struct only if the first struct was made in c++.

Yes. I can make structs, nested structs. I use them in inter-blueprint communication to keep the number of parameters low.
I do the same in BP functions…

I see, maybe i missed something, oh well :expressionless: