Can't find listen server with steam

How do I know if steam knows my computer is hosting a listen server? because If computer A host a listen server and I’m on computer B and I look into the steam chat, steams says user A doesn’t play on any server. Also, the server doesn’t appear on the server list at all. I can’t connect to it from B to the server on computer A. If I’m on computer A and I just play in the editor, I can host and join a listen sever without any problem.

Also, the steam overlay will only works if I use the ‘launch game’ when I right-click on the file .uproject.

I’ve enabled Online Subsystem Steam in the plugins

I’ve added this to the GameEngine.ini:





I’ve opened up the port 7777 UDP and 27015 TCP and copied the steam SDK files /YourUnrealEnginePath/Engine/Source/ThirdParty/Steamworks/Steam[Current Version]/sdk

Anyone has any tips?

Did you find a solution?

yup, my problem was with the LAN Option. For some reason when I was creating a listen server, Lan was true and when I was searching for a server it was false (or vice versa). In editor it didnt appears to matter, but once packaged or in standalone it wasn’t working.

Now everything is working fine, can create and log into a created match by my friend.