Can't find 'Get Transform'

Hi I am following the ‘Spawning Crates’ tutorial on this page Blueprint basics - Unreal Engine but I don’t have the option in blueprints for ‘Get Transform’ for my targetpoint. Am I doing something wrong or have things changed since this tutorial. I am using Unreal Engine 4.5 .

Try dragging a node from the Actor, then start typing, ‘Get Transform’. It should pop-up in the list.

Thanks for the reply. This is what I was trying to do but the ‘get transform’ doesn’t show?

Hi thanks for the reply. Couldn’t post as a comment to this answer so I have posted as a comment to the question

Ok…try typing ‘Transform’ instead of ‘Get Transform’. See if it shows up this time.

Hi, still no sign of it.

Strange, you do have ‘Set Actor Transform’.

I will try this this when I get home and let you know if I can find what is going on.

No worries… thanks.

perhaps try to switch off “context sensitive”? it still has some issues sometimes.

Hi ! Are you using the level blueprint or you create a new Class blueprint from an object ?

That was the trick. Thanks heaps. I appreciate it.

Hi, using the level blueprint. It turned out the solution was to turn off ‘context sensitive’.


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