cant find Get Lane Array element

So i am following unreals tutorial for moba minion ai on youtube here is the link to the video and the part:

as you can see as he drags out the line from Array Element and then types in GetLane to get the array element, but i dont have that element for what ever reason and i have copied the video to this time so i havnt done anything diffrently :?.

so i was wondering if anyone could helkp me please :frowning: and also i was going to post in the got skills? looking for talent? fourm for help but i cant :frowning: was wondering why on that as well.

But thanks for any of the help that anyone gives me!

I’m taking a bit of a shot in the dark, I did not follow through these so not sure if this is what you’re looking for but of course he gets a variable that is from the Waypoint blueprint, right, so if you look earlier in the video you can see that variable exists there, look at around 38:11. So I’m not sure where or when he adds that but my guess is this is what you’re missing?.. maybe?.

I fixed the issue i was a plum and basically didnt make it into an array XD so i fixed it! and also completed the first video the only problem is that i see they havnt actually carried on releasing all of the stream so unfortunetly i cant follow it to learn how to do all of it :frowning: