Can't find "geometry" or "brush settings" tools :\


I just started trying to figure out UE4 version 4.8.3 and I’m having trouble finding some of the tools.
I’ve watched several tutorials and I see ppl using tools like brush settings and geometry, but when I go look for them, they’re JUST NOT THERE! and it’s getting really annoying and frustrating cause I can’t find these tools and can’t really do anything without them. I’ve been on it for hours now and looked through all the menus and so far I can’t find them!
Can someone please help me find these tools? Should I try downloading a different version of UE?

I believe it’s because you’re using static meshes. In order to work with the brush settings, you need to be using BSP’s. In the left section of the viewport, click BSP, drag one of the shapes into the level, click on the shape, then on the right side you’ll see brush settings.

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hm… yeah that was the reason. thanks for the assist. it’s always confusing the first time cause I have no idea where the tools are.
thanks that was really helpful.