Can't find file asset / Failed to load asset

Hi there.
I’m pretty frustrated because I got this error out of nowhere. I just moved one of my subfolders to another folder, then I saved and closed UE4. A few hours later I open it up and I get this error?
Why does this even happen? I mean, the files are not even deleted or anything. I checked my contents folder and all the files are there. What can make this happen and how do I fix it?
Now some of my blueprints and animations don’t work even though I can preview them in the editor.

ok try moving the folder back to where it was, in future only move content while inside the editor, also make sure that your assets are within the “Content” folder tree.
once the folder is back where it was you should be fine. then in the editor/content browser you can move the folder again, might be a good idea to re-build any maps that use the assets before you close

I actually did that but that caused even more problems because some files were not showing in the content browser. However, I managed to fix the problem by reimporting some files and deleting some from my actual content folder.
Anyhow, thanks for the response!

Well try to re import sub-folder (if you have any means last parent folder of assets). This might help Failed to load/Can't find file for asset - UE4 AnswerHub :slight_smile: