Can't find dedicated server steam sessions

I have a problem finding the session that got created on the dedicated server…

This is my game instance:

My Build.CS

Dedicated Server log:

The Server gets started by the parameters: -log -AUTH_LOGIN=anonymous

I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

I read that Steam and Dedicated Servers were having issues.

Check out the wiki here. Hopefully this will help.

Hmh this guide doesn’t work the event register server doesn’t even get triggerd…

Is it important to use his pull request ? if yes how do I download his pull request and is it compatible with ue 4.11?

Yes, you have to use his pull request. I believe he did the work with the 4.11 release. I’m going to try and find the thread he posted on here.

Here is the thread

Thanks … I try my best… I kinda hate this topic … because basicly no one really know something much about this topic…
I hope I can get with this done and then Ill try to explain everything to the community how it can be done.


Someone in that thread said it worked for them, so hopefully it works for you too.

I completely agree. There needs to be more information dealing with dedicated servers. Sure I can build one and put it onto a server, but where do I go from there? And what code should it be running in order to ensure clients can connect and play properly? Having a start to finish tutorial of a game with a dedicated server would go a long way.

Or for example how to set new variables on the dedicated server that will be filled by he who runs it.

If I have a GameMode with MaxKills, MaxScore or other properties, how would I set them on my dedicated server?

I guess this guy who had success made an wiki article but the funny part is that his version he shared makes compile errors for me. And I followed step by step…
That sucks a little because I’m not sooooo experienced with c++ and need some help…

How ever … I got his pulled version and added the code to my overridden RegisterServer void but It seems that the RegisterServer function don’t even get called.
I debugged it with UE_Log and nothing has shown up.

And the best part is that im working like 1 week on this dedicated server and nothing works how it should…

Don’t rely on that wiki until it becomes something 100% approved by Epic Games.

yeah true…

Allright so the issue has been fixed. Please use now for anything else.

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