Can't find Cast to Run Character

Hi, i got some problem finding Cast to Run Character. I have been doing everything exactly as in this tutorial: Endless Runner: Overview & Player Control | 01 | v4.7 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Is your character blueprint called RunCharacter too?

3 things are possible

  1. The character you want to cast to isnt named Run_Characcter but rather RunCharacter or nruCharacter or something
  2. Your trying to cast in a class that it wont work in like i dunno some weid class
  3. Turn off context sensitive you miht be dragging off a pin, alternatively right click in blank space and search “cast char” and look for it, change char to run or just search “cast” for all options. It will be the name of your characters bluerint class though.

You saved my day! My character was actually ThirdPersonCharacter