Can't find Cast to PlayerCharacter

In the tutorial called " Blueprint QuickShot 2 Blueprint Pickup " (at, it shows how to cast from “OnComponentBeginOverlap” box. However when I pul the connector from the “other Actor” part, it only shows me “Cast to PlayerController” and not “not Cast to PlayerCharacter”. Any help would be appreciated. I also want to think everyone on this forum, you guys are really responsive and I really appreciate that!

First you need to get node that points to player character, or pawn (depends how you setup your project).
Then you drag node and start typing name of blueprint that you are using for player.

Create (even dummy blueprints) for: game mode, player controller, and compile blueprints.
Then you need to have set correctly game mode defaults:
project setting maps&Modes, there is default game mode it should point to your game mode
then in your game mode you need point to pawn/character, hud, and game controller.

Then you can use cast to finally.